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Ninjutsu training


This application is something of an indulgence in the abilities a programmer confers on oneself. I wanted to create an application that randomly issued commands for taijutsu movements, as a means for practicing transitions. It was also an excuse to create a javascript application in its own right. The operational premise of the app is quite simple: The user picks 1 or more type of movement that they want their training session to include, and selects a speed at which the application will issue commands to execute each technique. For each technique, a verbal command is spoken, and an area within the main window displays an image of the technique. Other areas of the interface indicate, when relevant, if the movement is aimed at the head, midsection, or legs, and if it is part of the sanshin no kata or the kihon happo. If the option "I like tengus" is checked by the user, a monster will occasionally appear to distract the practitioner. If the system date is set to Christmas day, the monster will be dressed in a Christmas hat, and sleigh bells will be heard!

For the curious visitor: Please note that this application was created several years ago, and does not exhibit the code-quality standards, particularly regarding modularity, that I currently have in place.

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