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This item depicts an experiment with HTML5 canvas animations. I wanted to see if I could render animated characters that could be instructed to move around a floor with a 3D perspective projection. The basic principle of the system I created employs sprite sheets abstracted into animation frame sequences, which are then altered by scale and location, in regards to current coordinates. Issuing a "move right" command for example, plays the "walk right" frames, and increases the characters x position. Issuing a "move up" command, plays the "walk up" frames, and increases the characters Y position, while decreasing the characters scale, in accordance with a 3D projection factor. Like all good 2D games, I have placed a constraint that makes it impossible for a character to move any further when they hit a maximum or minimum X or Y coordinate.

NB: The artwork for the character is not of my own design, but was sourced from the Sega video game, "Streets of Rage II".

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